Frequently Asked Questions

We have received questions concerning some of the cards so we have clarified them below. If you have questions about any other cards please contact us and we will add it to this list.

1) Barbarian - The Barbarian must be placed on the Rubble Pile after assisting a knight in either of the two options given.

2) Blue Knight - The magical pendant only allows a player to add 1 to their combat roll on the turn after the Dragon breaths fire on the Blue Knight, not on every turn.

3) Magical Wind Gust - When the Magical Wind Gust is used to displace a Poisonous Fumes Delay both cards are placed on the Rubble Pile.

4) Magical Wind Gust - When the Magical Wind Gust is used to push away another Encounter card during a game with 3-4 players, it only prevents the knight playing the Magical Wind Gust from being effected.

5) Ventilation Crew - The last sentence of this card should read. "This means you can Rest even if you have 7 cards in your hand or if a card has been played on you that normally prevents or changes when you can Rest."

6) Tunnel Delay - If a player Rests he may still put a red counter on the Tunnel Delay buy they may not if they lose a turn.