The Story of the Sword

The king is dead, killed by the evil dragon living in the Volcanic Mountain. The kingdom is now divided as the knights fight each other to prove their claim to be king.

It is well known that the only way to unite the land is to have the Sword of Kings, but the Dragon carried the sword away to its Lair. Do you have what it takes to become king by defeating the dragon and its minions to regain the sword? If so, you must begin your perilous adventure quickly because others want to be the king as much as you do.


You felt you had what it takes to become king, but now that you stand before the cave that leads to the dragon’s lair. Fear sets in and you wonder what dangers you will encounter.

Will it be the diabolical creatures that are known to reside within, or will the mountain itself try to block your way with an underground stream or even a collapsing tunnel? You try to shake the fear away by focusing on all the wondrous treasures and friendly people that are rumored to exist there, but visions of the dragon you must fight sends a chill down your spine. You suddenly remember the other knights who have vowed to recover the Sword and how they intend to do whatever it takes to get it. That fuels your courage and you rush into the darkness, ready to prove them wrong and bravely face whatever dangers stand between you and the Sword of Kings.


The Sword of Kings game consists of 108 beautifully crafted cards that are used by 2-4 players (knights). The goal for each knight is to build a unique tunnel to their dragon’s Lair. While building their tunnel, knights will discover various magical treasures and encounter friendly people to help them on their quest. At the same time, Knights will find evil creatures and various obstacles they can play on the other knights to slow their progress. Once inside the lair, knights must fight the dragon that is defending the sword. The first knight to defeat the dragon claims the Sword of Kings and wins the game. Games usually take from 30-45 minutes; but with the numerous card combinations possible, game play will vary greatly in both style and time. This allows for endless hours of fun while being drawn into this beautiful and magical world. We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we enjoyed making it for you!



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